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What can Den of Knowledge do for you?

The internet is undoubtedly a vast and messy library of information. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming to navigate through this ocean of information when you are trying to look for something specific.  Den of Knowledge is here to provide you with a unique solution that is fast, simple, and effective.

  • Our platform connects you with our growing community of educators and experts that will help you find the specific information you need.
  • Considering valuable information can come in many forms, our community will do their utmost to find, consolidate, and assemble the knowledge that you’re seeking, no matter how niche, complex or obscure your question is.
  • Everything you need to answer your question, is in one place, the “DoK”, and is instantly delivered to you. This saves you time, effort, and frustration.

Lets go deeper

What is Den of Knowledge?

What is a DoK?

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Why create a DoK?


The roots of Den of knowledge began with a family story. The house of my grandparents had a small room off to the side often referred to as a Den. This room had two chairs with two rows of shelves filled with many pictures and trinkets, each with their own story. The chairs faced a T.V that would take 2 or 3 burly men to lift (you young ones would not understand). One of those chairs had a permanent reservation for my grandfather making the other a coveted seat. If you were lucky enough to be invited in, under the guise of watching sports, you would begin to hear about the stories, which would trigger hours of conversations and debate. Most importantly, you often walked away smarter, wiser, and probably a little tipsy. But what ever happened in the den, those conversations and knowledge within them stuck with people, eventually leading to my family calling this room the Den of Knowledge.

symbol is meant to be an homage to that room. Den of Knowledge acts as a symbol of those conversations that lead to the knowledge and wisdom that sticks with you. Knowledge that can be applied to improve your life. I hope you, reading this now, are thinking of the rooms, and the places, and the people where you learned something that positively impacted your life. But not everyone is so lucky to have their own Den of Knowledge. Until now.


Short term: aims to connect and facilitate those who seek information around their specific questions, with educators and experts who have that specific information to address the questions. This process allows the seekers to outsource the time it would take to do the research and qualify the information they receive saving them countless hours. 

Mid term:  The growth rate of the internet, in all its forms is, and the increasing skill needed to navigate it, increases the difficulty and complexity for individuals to find the useful information they are looking for. will allow DoK creators (vendors), to link their DoKs to their internet activity, such as social media posts, adding a visual layer of separation between evidence supported information and lower quality information that can be visibly seen, open to anyone, and stratified by free market mechanisms based on the value it gives. If you see the DoK symbol associated with a post, you can follow the link to the DoK that will provide evidence and context of that post.  

Long term: Over time, there will inevitably be many DoK creators aiming to address similar questions. Free market mechanisms will organise the informational resources included within the DoKs in a value hierarchy that is determined from the bottom up. Over enough time, and with enough DoKs and users, will create a mechanism of determining and associating the highest value resources with the topic of interest,  driven from the bottom-up.