Can you address these questions?

Another way to connect!

Vendors: actively seek out questions that are right for you and then DoK it!

Buyers: Pose your question of interest and let vendors come to you until your question has been DoKed!

If you are a vendor, you can search through the open questions to see if there are any that you are able to address.

If you are a buyer, posing a question is an option if you have not found an existing DoK that addresses your question of interest. It is also an option if you prefer not to search through the member profiles to find the right Vendor to address your question of interest.

  1. Find a question you feel competent and capable of answering
  2. Reach out to the person who posed the question via direct message by going to their profile and clicking the button “Send message”
  3. Introduce yourself and tell them why you are the right person to address their posed question of interest
  4. Negotiate a price for the custom DoK you wish to make for them
  5. Create and publish the DoK where it will appear immediately in your store
  6. Alert the buyer via direct message
  7. This DoK is also now available for anyone to buy
  1. If there are no published DoKs that have addressed your question of interest, then go to your profile & click the tab “Pose Question” 
  2. Write your question and an estimated price you would pay for a DoK to address your question (Keep in mind the minimum price of a DoK is $15)
  3. Select the appropriate categories
  4. Click “Submit” 
  5. Your question will immediately appear within the chosen categories for the public to see
  6. Sit back and wait for the inquiries 

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Geo-specific is meant to address questions that relate to a specific physical location. Example 1: If you are a buyer, perhaps you are renovating a house and you wish to have a DoK of all the information of the top contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. On the other side, if you are a vendor, and you have already gone through the pain staking process of finding high quality people that did a great job, or you are in the trades and have built a great network of people, you could create a DoK that goes through the entire process, has all the websites and contact information for the appropriate people, and capitalize on the knowledge you have gained.
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